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Better Web Design for Greater Success in Your Business

An amazing website gives you a distinct edge over your competition. That’s because your website is the face of your company. It should be custom tailored and professionally created so that the design is a perfect fit for your business. When you create an incredible web presence, customers will be drawn to learn more about your business. Javier Loya CEO of OTC Global Holdings has put together some... [Read more]

How to prepare for and look for a colocation provider

Article by Electric Kitten When choosing between multiple providers for the same service, often the best options are the ones where you spend as much time searching for the provider as you do for the actual migration. Why? Because moving from an in-house data center to an external data center is a costly affair. Both in terms of time and money. Getting it wrong is very disruptive and expensive. Here... [Read more]

Why Choose an Interior Decorator for your Next Makeover

Some of us have good taste when it comes to colors and styles, while others don’t really shine in this area. You may have a good friend or relative who could help with your interior design needs. However, if the budget affords it, the best idea is to hire an interior decorator. The reasons for this are numerous. Most of us are busy these days and we simply don’t have the time to oversee... [Read more]

How to Use Patio Furniture in the Office

Blog provided by Wicker Paradise We live in a world where many products and goods can be repurposed to meet new needs whenever they arise. From garden tools to cardboard boxes, many objects can have more than one use. With this in mind, patio furniture can be used as office furniture in the right context. There appears to be an unspoken rule that office furniture has to be modern, rigid, and angular.... [Read more]

Simple Ways to Reinvigorate Your Office Design

Blog provided by Wicker Paradise Does your office design need some updating? You might be wondering how you can bring new life to an old, tired, worn office. Here are a few ideas that you can use to reinvigorate your office design. Add Art to the Walls A 2004 survey conducted by the Business Committee for the Arts (BCA) revealed that being exposed to art in the workplace actually reduced stress and... [Read more]

Save on Mobile Products and Electronics via

If you’re looking to save big on Dad’s present(s) this year, you might want to head on over to There, you’ll find coupons and savings being offered by all of the most popular retailers including Verizon, AT&T, Apple, Sony, NewEgg, Best Buy, and many others. Get the gadgetry you need on deck before the next especially special Sunday, and get it all at a great price!... [Read more]

AT&T Starts Enabling MMS on U.S. iPhones

By Sean Sarian After what must seem like an eternity to all the owners of Apple’s iPhone, AT&T has finally enabled the MMS feature on their network. AT&T is finally making good on its pledge to enable the service by the mid to late summer, a service which has been available on iPhones in other countries since June. Most users will recieve a message from AT&T, the message read “AT&T... [Read more]