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Sell your used cell phone

February 25, 2011 by · Leave a Comment 

Do you have a large pile of used mobile phones taking up valuable storage space in your home or office? Do you need extra money to make ends meet? You can solve both problems by recycling your used or broken cell phones the right way. A new comparison shopping website called Sell Cell allows people to easily recycle their unwanted cell phones and receive the highest cash amount for doing something good for the environment. Learn more about this new, eco-friendly way to get the most out of your unwanted mobile devices.

Throwing away retired cell phones and other electronic devices harms our planet. Unfortunately, Americans discard nearly two million tons of unwanted electronics annually, according to National Geographic. Discarded electronic devices and cell phones that wind up in landfills can potentially leak harmful chemicals such as lead, zinc, copper, cadmium, antimony and arsenic. This is why many eco-conscious companies are providing a way for people to sell old cell phone devices to be recycled or repurposed for use.

It used to be that the only way to recycle cell phones and electronic devices was through donation bins at electronic stores and libraries. However, new companies such as Sell Cell are making it easier for people to recycle and sell old cell phone devices online.

If you want to get rid of your cell phone, help the environment and receive instant cash, consider going through Sell Cell. Sell Cell is America’s number one cell phone recycling price comparison site, providing the best prices on new and old cell phones. The online site compares prices from leading phone buyers guaranteeing the best price possible on your used or broken cell phones. After selecting the recycler you wish to sell your phone to, simply mail in your phone for free and wait for your cash or vouchers in the mail.

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