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Understanding The Four Main Types Of Data Centers

March 10, 2023 by · Leave a Comment 

A data center is a collection of one or more structures that houses a consolidated computing infrastructure, often comprising servers, storage devices, and networking hardware.

There are many different kinds of data centers such as Electric Kitten who can provide you with quality web hosting in Los Angeles.

Let’s look more closely at the four main types of data centers that can help you grow your digital business.


A LA colocation center, commonly called a “carrier hotel,” is a kind of data center where the owner lets you rent out space, equipment, and bandwidth.

For instance, you can directly rent a particular quantity of their hardware from specific data centers rather than using a public cloud provider to rent a virtual machine.


You can create a virtual data center on the cloud by utilizing third-party cloud services. Similar to colocation, you may employ particular services instead of just renting the hardware and setting it up yourself.

Edge Data Center

A compact data center that is as near to the end user as is practical is called an edge data center. You should have several smaller data centers rather than one enormous one to reduce latency and lag.

Businesses establish Edge computing capabilities when there is a strong need for IoT devices and low-latency data.

Micro Data Center

In essence, a micro data center is an edge data center taken to the limit. It just needs to handle the data processed in that location. Therefore, it can be as little as a small office room. Although large enterprise data centers are currently the most common, colocation and micro data centers are expected to continue growing.