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Why Government Agencies are Switching to Call Centers

December 25, 2019 by · Leave a Comment 

Article Written by: Herb Kimble

Companies across the nation are discovering the benefits of automated call answering service solutions, and the Stratham Municipal Center in New Hampshire is one of them. reports that the town is considering changes that would make phone calls to the Municipal Center more efficient, including a live answering service and customer support solution that will connect callers to the appropriate departments.

According to the article, the reason for the consideration is because departments do not have their own phone lines. Instead, town employees are wasting quality time answering the phones when they should be doing their jobs. This approach also makes the caller wait much longer to speak with the person they are trying to contact.

After discussing several options the department heads have proposed the solution to install a new small business answering service. The new service would provide a live operator to answer the phones and route the calls to the appropriate person or department. This customized call routing service would be tailored based on the center’s requirements and could include other services such as taking messages and forwarded them via fax, email or CVS files directly to the right office or person.

There are many different types of call answering solutions on the market today, from outsourced call center services to simple message machines. Typically, the cost of installing and programming most solutions are minimal in comparison to the cost of hiring new employees.

The Stratham Municipal Center is just one example of a business with call overflow problems. According to the article, the center has been unable to make outgoing calls because all of the lines are busy due to incoming calls. If your business is facing call overflow problems, consider contacting a call center for a cost-effective solution. Some call center companies can customize a call center solution to meet your company needs and budget requirements.

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