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Simple Ways to Reinvigorate Your Office Design

January 25, 2021 by · Leave a Comment 

Blog provided by Wicker Paradise

Does your office design need some updating? You might be wondering how you can bring new life to an old, tired, worn office. Here are a few ideas that you can use to reinvigorate your office design.

Add Art to the Walls

A 2004 survey conducted by the Business Committee for the Arts (BCA) revealed that being exposed to art in the workplace actually reduced stress and increased productivity and creativity. Decorate your office with paintings or non-distracting sculptures that blend well with your office furniture.

Add Plants to Your Surroundings

A UK study published by the APA showed that plants in a work area can also increase worker’s quality of life and productivity by as much as 15%. Nature-inspired scenery is a good way to help your workers feel more refreshed, creative, and healthy. You might also consider adding an outdoor work area to your office for this reason.

Replace Your Old Furniture Cushions

On a more practical level, replacement cushions can revitalize the way your office furniture pieces look and feel. If your break area or reception room furniture’s cushions are old, saggy, and misshapen, they’ll leave a poor impression on your employees and the others who visit your office building. Replacing your cushions will ensure they remain fresh, comfortable, and presentable to the people who see them.

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