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Evolution of Time Clock Systems

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Written by Allied Time

Time clock systems have long been considered as basic systems that did not necessarily present employees with any advantage other than just to keep track of their timesheets. These systems have evolved to become quite sophisticated and now offer different features and possibilities which tend to be advantageous for employees as well.

In an investment point of view from the company, these systems now do not require expensive hardware to set up. Employee time clock devices are now considerably smaller and less expensive and can thus be placed in several locations for employees’ convenience. Some systems even come with mobile applications to help field employees such as engineers to track their time and attendance from a remote location.

From the employer’s viewpoint, these systems are beneficial as they eliminate buddy clocking. Indeed biometric systems now use facial recognition to identify the person. Some systems also come with a software that would help you compile attendance data for annual performance review and attendance bonus purposes.

These type of systems, especially when employees have access to the data, would enable them to remain more accountable. This might also trigger a willingness for them to improve their clocking behavior. These systems might help them to set targets in order to achieve a good attendance score. These systems also ensure that there is transparency in terms of how time is tracked.

Allied Time has created employee time clocks systems and business machines since 1967. They have remained a preferred distributor for all major quality manufacturers for over four decades.

Apps to Take With You on a Cruise

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Article written by Inter-Tech Overload, latest articles and news about technology, internet and new media

When you find yourself in a city you’ve never been before, technology can be one of your greatest assets. Cruises are wonderful opportunities to get away, with small stops in some amazing places along the way. That typically means you may spend several hours on land in an area you’re unfamiliar with. Being that time is a factor, it can be tough to plan your day around such constraints. That’s where mobile apps come into play. The right app will keep you busy with plenty of activities, restaurants and smooth routes.

Trip It

Before you book a Grand Cayman car for hire, you might want to investigate Trip It to keep yourself organized. The app will track everything about your trip, from tickets to venues to restaurant reservations and email correspondence. You can also book reservations for local activities on the app, so it’s handy to take with you before a night out in an unfamiliar town.

Gate Guru

Gate Guru helps to take the misery out of airports by providing travelers with maps to every terminal they may happen to visit. Terminal maps include wait times for security lines too, so you can judge your arrival time before you even leave the house. You can also locate the various amenities around an airport, for a relaxing massage or a night cap before you red eye.


Yelp isn’t the most honest of review apps out there, but it’s a good source for business information. The reviews aren’t completely false, but the system is open to gaming. As long as you know that, and as long as you approach Yelp with a specific goal in mind, you’ll have an easy time finding a restaurant you will like. Yelp will also tell you helpful information, like whether the restaurant is cash only or if it offers delivery options.


Looking for a Cayman Islands rent a car location, or trying to book a hotel? Kayak might be just the ticket you were looking for. Kayak pulls its data from thousands of travel sites, helping you survey them all in just a few clicks. Once you’ve made arrangements, you can even follow your itinerary and look up important information about your flight.


Any kind of maps application is going to be a benefit to you in a new city, especially if you need to do some driving. Google Maps includes helpful information about businesses near you, while applications like Waze help you get around traffic hot spots. Armed with these apps, you’ll be ready to explore any new city your cruise may take you to.

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