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What to look for in an android app developer

March 20, 2016 by · Leave a Comment 

The background of an ideal Android app developer


An ideal freelance employee in Android app development has at least several years of experience with development projects of varied size. Required backgrounds are software engineering and C+ programming. Many excellent Android app developers are also freelancers in additional fields, like computer technology, web development, games, hardware and software installation, troubleshooting, and tech support – meaning they are extremely well-rounded. However, still ensure to check through their mobile application portfolios. Look at the number of apps that they have successfully created, the apps’ ratings, and who they were commissioned for.

Check the ratings their work has received

When looking for mobile app developers Los Angeles, look for someone’s ratings on Upwork and similar sites. A quick Google search should help you find these ratings. See what other companies they have worked for, and what their positions were. The best choice is someone who already has developed apps for Android before, as well as many apps in general. The developer will need to be able to write your technical spec document for your app, which will scope out the app’s features and functionality.

Most importantly, meet them in person

App development Los Angeles has plenty to offer, but don’t get impressed too easily by someone’s resume. Talk with the potential app developer about your app needs. A great freelancer will analyze ideas that you bring to the table, offer suggestions for the product, and foresee challenges that may come about in development.
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