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The Convenience of EDI Mapping for Businesses

September 9, 2020 by · Leave a Comment 

Blog provided by Act Data Services, Inc. 1-800-ACT-DATA

EDI or electronic data interchange has provided a variety of benefits for businesses, particularly in the digital age. Tedious, but essential data entry tasks have been made effortless through EDI software. The introduction of EDI mapping is one example of how new technology solutions have streamlined some of these processes.

Through EDI mapping, you’ll forgo the intricate task of rewriting one form of data into another. Instead, EDI mapping providers can translate EDI data into different formats accurately and conveniently. Through EDI mapping, your data can be easily mapped into formats such as Excel documents and XML. Data can be translated into a form your business partners can receive and read. In the business world, different companies follow a set of common data standards, so EDI can easily be made compatible with the most common formats used in industries such as retail.

Outsourcing EDI mapping to software or an EDI provider will help you save time and resources that can be better spent tending to other aspects of your business. As long as you have a provider that can tailor-fit their solutions to your specific needs and data, you can make the most of EDI mapping today.

If you’re interested in reaping the benefits of EDI, contact ACT Data for reliable, high-quality service. They’ve been providing EDI solutions to e-commerce businesses since 1985. They’ve worked with clients such as Wal-Mart, eBay, and Amazon. See why they have become a trusted partner of the world’s biggest brands today!


5 affordable laptops for smaller budgets

June 16, 2020 by · Leave a Comment 

Article provided by Curacao

Do you need a powerful portable computer you can take anywhere? There are many choices on today’s laptop market, but you might not have the budget to spend large sums of money on a new laptop. Fortunately, you can still find some laptops with good processing power at more economical prices. Here are a few you might want to consider.

Acer Spin 1

If the idea of a laptop that can seamlessly convert to a display or tablet sounds appealing to you, the Acer Spin 1 comes with a clear HD display and Windows 10, the latest, most cutting-edge operating system from Microsoft.

MSI MODERN15085 Gaming Laptop

If you’re a laptop that can handle the most detailed graphics and fast-paced gameplay, MSI’s Modern allows you to run games, video editing programs, and entertainment with the smoothest, brightest colors.

ASUS Chromebook Flip

This compact laptop-tablet hybrid is another suitable choice for users looking for a laptop that can also be used as a tablet. This one uses Google’s Chrome OS, which is handy for running any Android app you can think of.

HP ProBook 640

HP’s ProBook is a straightforward, no-nonsense laptop with all the basic features you need such as a DVD-ROM and Windows 10, along with noise reduction software and a Clear Sound Amp for improved sound functionality.

Apple 13.3” Macbook Air


This laptop will likely be the priciest one on the list, but its collection of hi-tech features such as a retina display, a Touch ID sensor, and a T2 security chip for maximum protection against software tampering. If you still find it too pricey, you can sign up for a laptop payment plan at Curacao to finance laptop purchases with low, easy monthly payments.

It’s quick and easy to be approved for a payment plan through Curacao Credit. Just fill out our short application and you can be approved within seconds! If you find any lower store card interest rates from our major competitors, we’ll even beat those interest rates up to 15 days after your purchase! You’ll always get the best deal at Curacao.

An insight into EDI compliance

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With the increasing use of EDI documents being exchanged between different business partners, the need for EDI compliance has become mandatory. In simple words, the EDI compliance can be described as the electronic exchange of business documents with your partner in such a way that your business partner can easily understand them.

It is therefore a mandatory requirement of a business partner to ensure that each document that is being exchanged adheres to a specific EDI format. This would guarantee the successful exchange of documents.

Nowadays, many business are giving a great deal of importance to making themselves EDI compliant. Several retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Fry’s Electronics encourage their vendors to be EDI compliant. This means that any business that is to be conducted requires EDI in order to receive your purchase orders and send out invoices.

Several guidelines are available to help you in becoming EDI compliant. The first step is to completely understand the specific requirements of your trading partner. You can either provide in house EDI solutions or even outsource your EDI requirements.

Generally, the entire process of developing an in-house EDI solution is an extremely hectic and expensive process. Once this process has been developed, you need to test your EDI solution in order to ensure that the documents can be successfully exchanged in the required format with your trading partner. Finally after the testing stage is complete, you are all set to exchange your documents with your partner.


Why Government Agencies are Switching to Call Centers

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Article Written by: Herb Kimble

Companies across the nation are discovering the benefits of automated call answering service solutions, and the Stratham Municipal Center in New Hampshire is one of them. reports that the town is considering changes that would make phone calls to the Municipal Center more efficient, including a live answering service and customer support solution that will connect callers to the appropriate departments.

According to the article, the reason for the consideration is because departments do not have their own phone lines. Instead, town employees are wasting quality time answering the phones when they should be doing their jobs. This approach also makes the caller wait much longer to speak with the person they are trying to contact.

After discussing several options the department heads have proposed the solution to install a new small business answering service. The new service would provide a live operator to answer the phones and route the calls to the appropriate person or department. This customized call routing service would be tailored based on the center’s requirements and could include other services such as taking messages and forwarded them via fax, email or CVS files directly to the right office or person.

There are many different types of call answering solutions on the market today, from outsourced call center services to simple message machines. Typically, the cost of installing and programming most solutions are minimal in comparison to the cost of hiring new employees.

The Stratham Municipal Center is just one example of a business with call overflow problems. According to the article, the center has been unable to make outgoing calls because all of the lines are busy due to incoming calls. If your business is facing call overflow problems, consider contacting a call center for a cost-effective solution. Some call center companies can customize a call center solution to meet your company needs and budget requirements.

Bio: Herb Kimble is has achieved the status of successful entrepreneur with a historic track record of growth. Herb Kimble founded and grew several sales and marketing companies throughout the Philippines, where he generated unprecedented revenue in fields ranging from student loans to distribution.

How Video Wall Systems Are Improving Today’s Command Centers

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Summary: Mission critical environments utilize a series of advanced video walls and other A/V integration systems to enhance productivity.

Today’s command centers require numerous tools to ensure optimum performance. However, many business owners are wary about what types of technologies are necessary to keep things running. When it comes downs to it, command centers that lack a clear visual for operators tend to perform at a slower and more inefficient pace.

Monetary Value Vs. Performance

Operators play a pivotal role in the performance of a command center and must ensure that all data that appears on the video wall is both recorded and documented. Unfortunately, if an emergency situation were to arise and the video wall systems installed cannot keep up to speed, certain data may be missed and cause fatal errors.

Moreover, if the video wall is not performing at peak efficiency, it’s up to the business owner to replace it with a viable substitute. Because monitors are now being sold for less money, it shouldn’t tie up a company too much in terms of finances. With that being said, business owners must understand the value of the product they are purchasing.

Hiring a Professional to Install Your System

Mission critical A/V integrators are experts at installing video wall systems and other command center necessities. Business owners may opt for these contractors, or companies, when they are looking to make the necessary upgrades to keep up with today’s demanding need for advanced systems.

Companies can provide business owners with advanced solutions that enhance the productivity of a command center, without spending a fortune. Ultimately, a business owner must decide what’s more important in the long run – taking the time to build up a functioning command center, or going with the cheap route.

Mission Critical Environments and the Modern Infrastructure

May 22, 2018 by · Leave a Comment 

Summary: Today’s mission critical environments are taking steps towards new activity.

Today’s modern business relies on real-time interaction between customers and suppliers. Technology has become the lifeline of digital workflow. The infrastructure for these systems must be able to systematically process all data related to the business at lightning speed. However, many businesses have failed to utilize systems that are able to handle mission-critical environments.

Mission critical is a term that’s defined as a system that’s crucial to the survival of a company or organization. Don’t mistake this for business critical systems, as they are undoubtedly important but not pivotal to the survival of a company. In today’s fast-moving digital era, applications have become a necessity. For instance, a digital app may not provide any value to someone that doesn’t have access to the Internet, but an outage could mean digital death to businesses that own the app.

Today’s Modern Infrastructure

Modern infrastructure has taken new steps to make hyper-converged infrastructures available to the public. Furthermore, one that offers a common operational model for storage, computing, networking, and data analysis have become a priority for any digital business. Now, companies are transitioning to the cloud to provide operational leverage for their business – which includes modern HCI software stacking on the server’s hardware.

What’s often required for today’s digital businesses are a way to map applications and introduce them to the modern infrastructure, due to the fact that many apps must have high availability. Thus, HCI systems are deployed slowly, and at a small scale, and expanded once things start going full speed.


A Brief Look At Magnetron Sputter Deposition

June 21, 2016 by · Leave a Comment 

Magnetron sputter deposition is an important PVD application in today’s biotech world.

circuit-boardMagnetron sputter deposition is a PVD process in which plasma is formed and positively charged ions and molecules from that plasma are then accelerated into an electrical field that is composed of numerous negatively charged electrodes known as targets. The positive ions are essentially accelerated by a variety of potentials that range from a couple hundred to thousands of electron volts. They then strike the negative electrode with a volatile force that dislodges and effects the atoms from the target. This results in a line-of-sight cosine distribution from the face of the target. This then condenses on surfaces that are placed within a close distance of the magnetron sputtering cathode.

Fabrication and Frequency

The targets are then fabricated from materials that the user wants to deposit on the surface of the component. These materials are then deposited using DC power and insulators in which they can be deposited through the use of a RF power supply. The most common frequency in sputter application is 13.56 MHz – within the RF spectrum. Furthermore, this frequency has been allocated to industrial applications.

Vacuum Deposition Within Magnetron Sputtering

Magnetron sputter deposition also utilizes vacuum deposition systems in that it utilizes a magnetic field to trap the electrons, which enhance the efficiency of the ionization process and allows the plasma to generate at subsequently lower pressures. This is important because it reduces the background gas within the growing film and the energy lost inside the sputtered atom through a variety of gas collisions.


For UHV sputter deposition systems, visit Denton Vacuum, LLC online today. With the latest products and technology, you’ll find everything that you need to pursue deposition and other processes.

How to Get Started in the I.T. Field

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Becoming an I.T. professional is achievable by anyone that puts their mind to it.

it-professionalIf you’re pursuing a career in the Information Technology (IT) field, then there are numerous opportunities that are awaiting you. Here are some suggestions that will help you get your feet wet within the industry.

To become an I.T. professional, you have to hang out with the I.T. professionals. Don’t be shy to converse with someone that has experience within the field as their experience and knowledge could benefit you. You could even learn a new thing or two over a simple conversation.

Look into enrolling in a variety of classes and become certified in the direct field that you want to work in. If you are a Linux enthusiast, obtain your Linux certification and work hard at understanding the depths of that skill set. There are several accredited computer courses in Los Angeles you can attend that will help you polish your skills.

Linux training in Los Angeles has become a popular trend due to the city’s constant demand of technological progress and security. To get your foot in the door, it’s wise to seek out a possible internship or look at small startup businesses that will give you more “hands-on” time with the network and technological aspects of the company.

Dedication is one of the most important aspects of this career field. You might not be as smart as the guy next to you, but how you can set yourself apart is through passion and hard work. It’s an understatement to say that you have to want it in order to gain it.

Brand College offers information technology classes in Los Angeles. If you’re considering working in the Information Technology field, contact them for a complete class schedule today.

The Advantages of Using Advanced Time Clocks

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Article written by Stork Aerospace, Aerospace news and articles

If you are unsatisfied with your old time clock, consider upgrading to a biometric time clock.

Small businesses and companies require a designated hub for an employee to clock in at. If you’re left with numerous options at time clocks, consider the amount of money that you would want returned to you when it comes to paying out your employees. Clocking out late and buddy punching has become a common workplace issue. If you’re wondering whether or not you should upgrade your old time clocks to something more advanced, then here are some benefits that will help you decide if the change is right for you.

Biometric time clocks utilize a software system that is the centerpiece of all of the components included. These software systems range in a variety of performance functions and when it comes down to the specific model that you choose from, you’ll have multiple software types that you can choose from. These range from being able to record overtime hours to including wide variety of payroll services that are accessible to the employee.

What you want for a small company is a flexible type of software that not only prevents any fraudulent clock-ins, but can provide a variety of functions such as: recording when employees come and go, accessing various schedules, and looking at payrolls. Most biometric time clocks include various functions but it’s always worth double-checking.

Biometric time clocks have changed the work environment in a positive way. They’re efficient, effective, and will keep your finances under control. A revolutionary technological development, these time clocks have helped businesses maintain a controlled and flexible environment.

Allied Time is a high-quality time clock distributer that has the lowest prices. If you need an effective fingerprint time clock for you business, contact them today.

This Specially Designed Robotic Arm will Someday Revolutionize Healthcare

November 17, 2015 by · Leave a Comment 

Article written by Sci-Tech Expert, everything gadgets and technology

Those with debilitating injuries may have new hope in the coming future.

The impact that technology has had on the medical industry is staggering. We’re closer than ever to curing life-threatening diseases and treating symptoms faster than ever before. We can diagnose with greater precision, and we’re beginning to experiment with the interaction between human flesh and machine.

One potential application for this bond is to heal those with debilitating handicaps that leave them unable to perform basic tasks for themselves. This could see widespread adoption in the military, where wartime injuries can result in missing limbs.

That reality was recently made a lot more manageable for retired Staff Sergeant James Sides. The retired veteran suffered the loss of his right hand, and blindness in one eye, when an IED he was attempting to diffuse exploded very close to him.

Today, with the help of Rogers & Cowan, the Alfred Mann Foundation is giving James Sides a chance at a return to normalcy. Sides was fitted with a prosthetic arm that can move on his will. Outsiders might think this is some kind of sophisticated mind control, but the reality is that the device reads the motions of Sides’ arm muscles and outputs that data as motions of the fingers or thumb.

The device even has sensors that stop it from clamping down too hard on something, in case Sides needs to pick up a fragile object or shake someone’s hand. This new device is only seeing a small test case for this deployment, but the hope of the Alfred Mann Foundation, and Steve Doctrow of Rogers & Cowan, is that they will one day have the ability to offer these devices to all who need them.

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