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Looking at the Blackberry Torch

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It is really common for people these days to want to have a smartphone. It seems to be what everyone wants. It is no longer enough to just be able to text and make phone calls. People expect more now and that is exactly what you will get from the latest phones on the market.

When you are looking at getting a new phone it is advisable to visit a number of phone shops before hand. Visit O2 for example or one of the other network companies and see what they recommend. The other thing to do is to read blogs that are out there and see what they are suggesting, such as us for example.

Today we are going to talk about the latest phone from Blackberry- the Blackberry Torch. The phone has really taken the good aspects of the previous Blackberry and created something really rather excellent. We’ll start by looking at the multimedia aspect of the phone. In terms of memory, it comes with 8GB but you can expand this to 32GB if you wish too. This really does open up the opportunities of what you can do with this phone.

As the phone is both touch screen and comes with a Qwerty key pad it really is practical. Like with the iPhone it has a pinch and zoom system in which you use your fingers to pinch a screen for a zoomed out effect and then you expand them to zoom out.

Other features of the phone are the 5 MP camera that has a flash and auto focus. What’s more is that it has 11 photo modes, so the pictures you take are really rather wonderful. The integrated social feeds the phone allows also deserves a mention and is a must for any social media fan.