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Data center cooling best practices

August 8, 2017 by · Leave a Comment 

8Data center cooling and temperature management standards changed recently that set the recommended maximum temperature at 24 degrees. By increasing the maximum temperature for a data center, operators are now free to use a wider range of cooling systems. Here is a high-level look at some data center best practices


Take stock of the total load in kilowatts of equipment in the data center. Also, measure and record the temperature at the point of intake and exhaust of the middle and top of each rack. Indicate the location and the time of day of each measurement. The temperature and cooling load we record will form the baseline for future comparison. Note the RPM and the internal temperature of servers and other equipment that proves that information.

Improve airflow

Improving the air flow from the cold to the hot aisle should take priority over any immediate temperature changes. Racks without any electrical load should have sealed plates in front, while racks with running equipment should have perforated tiles in front of the rack. Seal any cable holes in the raised floor and use blanking plates to prevent cold air escaping to the hot aisle.


With the proper baselines and optimized airflow, adjust the temperature of the cooling units. Increase the temperature one degree every week and monitor how it affects the intake temperature. As a contingency for hot days, keep portable air conditioners like those from ready to assist the primary cooling systems. Once the data center reaches the target temperature, check the fan RPM to ensure that the reduce cooling does not result in increased power draw from internal fans.

A Guide to Finding the Right Portable AC Unit

September 18, 2015 by · Leave a Comment 

When purchasing a portable air conditioning unit for your home, there are several factors that you have to consider in regards to your home and personal preferences. Here are some tips that you should consider when you are buying your first unit.

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A unit of measurement that you need to consider when you are shopping is the British Thermal Units (BTU) per hour. The higher the numerical value designated the more cooling power that it will produce. Therefore, the size of your room works hand-in-hand with this number. Don’t waste your money on an AC unit that isn’t designed to handle a larger room. 8,000 BTU’s covers about 1,600 cubic feet and 14,000 BTU’s can handle up to 4,000 cubic feet.  If you need a computer room air conditioner, you’re more likely to look for an AC with a BTU on the lower end.

Many portable air conditioners require a hose to filter out the hot air, this means that they must be placed near a window or anywhere that has access to the outside. To prevent your unit from outdoor cooling, it must be attached at a point where it can filter out without any blockage points.

When it comes to maintenance, their upkeep is relatively simple. When your AC unit collects the moisture out of the air, it collects in a duct that is either manually removed or gravity-drained to a different location. Each unit has its own system of flushing the water out.

Air conditioners vary in the amount of noise emitted. You can check each unit’s decibel level and compare them to find the most subtle one fit for your room. Most specialty stores will carry noise-dampening air conditioners as a pricier option, but by purchasing these you won’t need to worry about having to deal with the constant whirring of the gears.

Energy efficiency is huge. Not only do you want to save energy, but your monthly bill will be much lower using an energy efficient unit. There is an energy efficiency ratio compares the amount of watts to the BTUs. The higher the ratio, the more energy-efficient your AC unit is.

By incorporating these tips into your search, you can pinpoint which air conditioner is right for your home. Not every home is built the same and weather conditions vary all over the globe. Factor in things like humidity and changing temperatures to make sure that what you are buying is worth your money.
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The PowerBehind Your Favorite Tech

May 19, 2015 by · Leave a Comment 

Written by MovinCool

Most people don’t fully understand how amazing the technology they rely on truly is. We all know that the app on our phones or the computer on our desk but have no idea the sort of computing power behind them.


Servers power everything we use in the digital world. They are high powered computers that are the backend of nearly everything we do online. They power everything from loading a web page, sending a receiving mail or executing a search query. Data centers use tens of thousands of densely packed servers for a wide variety of applications. Google for example has 27 plus data centers with up to a 100,000 servers per data center.

As you can imagine, these servers consume a lot of power. This process, in turn, creates a lot of heat. With such high server counts, without active cooling severs will fail. Whenever there is an air conditioning failure at a data center or in a small server room, there is a very high chance of equipment failure within hours.

That’s why cooling is so important. A portable cooling system can be used to cool servers when the standard units fail. Rather than purchasing any equipment, look to get a rental portable air conditioner. Use a portable cooling system until the normal systems are restored.


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