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Mission Critical Environments and the Modern Infrastructure

May 22, 2018 by · Leave a Comment 

Summary: Today’s mission critical environments are taking steps towards new activity.

Today’s modern business relies on real-time interaction between customers and suppliers. Technology has become the lifeline of digital workflow. The infrastructure for these systems must be able to systematically process all data related to the business at lightning speed. However, many businesses have failed to utilize systems that are able to handle mission-critical environments.

Mission critical is a term that’s defined as a system that’s crucial to the survival of a company or organization. Don’t mistake this for business critical systems, as they are undoubtedly important but not pivotal to the survival of a company. In today’s fast-moving digital era, applications have become a necessity. For instance, a digital app may not provide any value to someone that doesn’t have access to the Internet, but an outage could mean digital death to businesses that own the app.

Today’s Modern Infrastructure

Modern infrastructure has taken new steps to make hyper-converged infrastructures available to the public. Furthermore, one that offers a common operational model for storage, computing, networking, and data analysis have become a priority for any digital business. Now, companies are transitioning to the cloud to provide operational leverage for their business – which includes modern HCI software stacking on the server’s hardware.

What’s often required for today’s digital businesses are a way to map applications and introduce them to the modern infrastructure, due to the fact that many apps must have high availability. Thus, HCI systems are deployed slowly, and at a small scale, and expanded once things start going full speed.