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The most important rules of web design

November 10, 2019 by · Leave a Comment 

Keep it simple – Simplicity and minimalism are making serious inroads in modern design in everything from houses to furniture. Web design is no difference. A simple and uncluttered website is easier to navigate, and keeps viewers for longer. An easier to use website can also mean more sales.

Consistency is key – Every part of your site should follow the same look-and-feel. You do not want your visitors to see different concepts when they visit a different part of your site unless the change is intentional, like a landing page, or mini-site.

Easy navigation – Getting navigation right on a multi-category multi-page website is not easy, but is one of the more important parts of the design. The navigation also determines how you categorize pages for SEO and SEM, and how you interlink between content. A lot depends on your structure, so experiment with different models and you arrive with what feels right.

Responsiveness – Most web traffic is now on mobile or non-pc screens, so design your website so that it renders correctly on screens of all sizes. It should look good on mobiles, large mobiles, tablets, laptops, desktops, and high dpi displays.

Quality content – The phrase content is king rings true for a reason. If you get all the points above correct, have the best product, but have horrible content, you will not sell anything. Content is the most important component of your website, and should get the most attention.

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