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Using E-Beam Evaporation for Medical Technology

April 24, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 

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Modern medical technology is designed to use the least-invasive method possible to treat a patient. Using technology like a magnetron sputtering system, medical device manufacturers are able to make a number of improvements that make new devices possible and old treatments more effective. Here are just a few of the microscopic improvements driving medical technology today.

E-Beam Technology

E-beam systems are widely used with titanium to create medical equipment that is able to resist long term wear, while remaining light weight and flexible. This is the same process used to create metallic coating for pieces on an airplane or a space ship. Space-age technology, like a magnetron sputtering system, uses electrons to apply particular matter to something called the substrate. First, a pure alloy is broken down into a powdered form. Then, the alloy is super heated, and then a film is laid down on the substrate (usually according to a 3D model created ahead of the manufacture process). As a result, many medical implants can be cheaply manufactured.

Medical Applications

This technology is especially valuable for patients who need various implants. Orthopedic prosthesis manufacturers use this process to create the metal couplings on the prosthetics they create. This coating gives the patient more reliability in the product, and keeps it well protected from daily use. It’s also used in imaging technology, helping the system capture images and translates them into scans a doctor can read.

Sputtering also helps create medical devices that are less-invasive and easier for patients to use on a daily basis. Without this technology, much of our heart procedures might not be possible or would leave the patient in extreme discomfort.

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