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Using Online Time Clocks for Business Advantage

April 10, 2015 by · Leave a Comment 

Written by Allied Time

A lot of traditional business management tools are now migrating towards the online model. Long gone are those days where you needed to be physically present and connected to the office Intranet to be able to use your office tools. Time tracking tools have also made their migration towards the online model. Online time clock systems are getting more and more popular. And there are a few good reasons for that:

It simplifies performance analysis

Installing a time machine has two immediate, and positive, side effects. First, employees start turning in earlier. Once the time an employee arrives and departs is being openly tracked, everyone starts making a honest effort. Second, performance increases. If the employees spend more time at the office, the team tends to consolidate and the teamwork goes smoother. This ripple effect means everyone starts working more efficiently.

It makes administration easier

By making migrating their time clock online, a lot of companies have noticed how much administration time was being wasted in trying to keep employees punctual. With online tools, no one in administration has to do the job of noting presence, absence, clock in and clock out times for every single employee. All that data is available online. Of course, the systems are password protected and only authorized personnel can access those data. A lot of systems also provide some level of statistics. Even the most basic level of statistics works wonders. It allows managers to focus on where time is being wasted.

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