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The Secret Formula for Entering Sweepstakes

December 20, 2013 by · Leave a Comment 

Have you ever entered into a sweepstakes? Many people enter them regularly while others avoid entering them because they believe the odds are against them. While it might appear that the odds aren’t in your favor, the reality is that someone will win the sweepstakes and it could be you! For those that play regularly, whether it’s on a sweepstakes machine or the McDonald’s Monopoly game, it’s common to burn out. Unfortunately, many people want to give up right before a big win.

Here are some strategies and tips for entering and playing sweepstakes:

1) Be patient: Sweepstakes can be frustrating at times, however, it’s important to be patient with the process. Sweepstakes often take time to conclude because entries have to be verified and names have to be drawn. The average person has to wait a few months to win a prize even if they win. The average sweeper goes through a dry spell; it’s completely normal.

2) Remain determined: It’s important to stay persistent and enthusiastic which includes entering a high number of sweepstakes. It’s also a good idea to have a sweepstakes strategy. This is true for both traditional sweepstakes and those at an internet cafe business.

3) Stay optimistic: It’s important to be positive about your sweeping efforts, no matter whether you’re winning regularly or not. Enjoy the process and share the experience with family and friends.

4) Diversify your sweepstakes: For the best odds of winning, it’s crucial to enter a high number of sweepstakes regularly. It’s also a good idea to enter at different times of the day and from different locations. Look into all types of sweepstakes; there are many options out there!

5) Enter instant wins: One of the best solutions for sweepstakes burnout is to regularly enter small sweepstakes that don’t attract a lot of people. The odds of winning are much higher and the small prizes can serve as motivation to keep trying the larger sweepstakes. Another benefit of these is that the winner is often notified right away of winning. There isn’t as much of a time delay.

6) Read about other’s wins: One of the best tips to help you stay motivated is to read about the winners of sweepstakes. It will inspire you to keep moving forward with your sweeping hobby.

In addition to all of these tips, the biggest piece of advice is to have fun with the entry process. Entering sweepstakes is supposed to be a fun and exciting experience!


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