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Constructing Mobile Technology with E-Beam

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Written by: Denton Vacuum, LLC

Mobile phone circuitry is complex, and new manufacturing techniques had to be devised in order to keep costs low.

Your mobile phone is an advanced device, thanks in no small part to the circuitry involved in its manufacture. This circuitry is made possible thanks to all new manufacturing processes that can actually change the property of a substance at a molecular level. Here is how manufacturers create the circuit boards at work on your favorite mobile devices.

Mobile Micro Chip Manufacturing

The microchips inside your mobile phones go through a manufacturing process that is similar to semiconductors. First, the board is marked with invisible lines that a machine will read. The machine interprets these lines like a map, and it uses ion-beam etching to lay the circuitry. The circuitry is made of melted down metals, mostly consisting of copper and aluminum, which are good for conductive applications.

Ion Beam Etching Explained

The etching process is a bit like squirting gel from a gel paint. It involves making an indentation, so there is pressure involved, but the substance that is applied has to be broken down. Most of these substances are bars of metal that are put through e-beam evaporation until they are either melted or broken down into particulate matter.

Other Manufacturing Methods

A magnetron sputtering system could also be used, but the process is a bit different. This process uses extreme pressure, caused by the use of magnets, in short pulses to distribute materials across the substrate. As a side note, hard drives are made using a similar manufacturing technique that infuses diamond dust onto the substrate.

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Take Timesheets Online

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By Allied Time

As you probably already know, there are two types of businesses out there: the kind that are adopting to the digital age and those that are going out of business. That’s all there is to it. You can be one or the other and hopefully it’s an obvious choice for you which one you want to be.

However, even though most companies definitely want to adopt, survive and thrive, not all of them are doing this in the necessary ways. Many, for example, may have a website, of course, perhaps an app for their product and even a social media page. Bus it that really enough?

Instead, why not look internally at the ways you could be taking tried and true methods of yours and updating them for the 21st century. A great example of this is an online timesheet. It should go without saying that time sheets are necessary to get the most from your employees. But if you’re not using modern time and attendance software, you’re probably not getting the results you actually want and you’re probably overpaying for it too.

So, going forward, make this a priority and see how your company benefits.


All businesses need the right kind of clocks to monitor their employees time cards, otherwise you really can’t expect much in the way of results. That’s why so many companies like yours turn to Allied Time for their Time clock softwareneeds—if you can get them met there, they can’t be met!