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Why Set and Forget Doesn’t Work

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This article was written by Ted Dhanik

A few years ago, it was common to hear marketing gurus preach the ideal of “set and forget.” The idea is that you can make certain changes to a campaign that will virtually guarantee its success. This philosophy came from a time where most companies didn’t run paid advertising. Unfortunately, competition has reshaped the landscape and “set and forget” doesn’t work as well, if at all. Here are some reasons why.


Display advertising puts marketers in an auction-style bidding system where they pay for a top position. As terms become more competitive, it is more likely that a marketer will lose his position if he doesn’t focus on his placements. Competitors can drive up the rates for a keyword, or push you several positions below the top spot.

Keywords Change

The keywords you bid on can increase or decrease in popularity, which will have an effect on what you pay for them and where you rank. If they go down in popularity, you might be the highest bidder for a term that doesn’t perform well. It can quickly eat up your budget if you’re not there to catch it happening.

New Features

Self-service ad platforms are constantly looking for ways to improve the quality of their service. As a result, they are constantly adding new features to their platforms that you must stay current on. These features might help cut your workload or provide new ways to discover opportunities. If you don’t stay current, you won’t know what’s buzzing in the world of banner advertising.

Bio: Ted Dhanik is a marketing and sales professional. As the CEO and co-founder of engage:BDR, Ted Dhanik specializes in business development. Find out how to improve your campaigns with marketing tips from Ted Dhanik.

The Importance of Mobile Ads

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By Ted Dhanik 

The majority of people use the internet on a computer every single day.  Nearly every American home has at least one computer and the majority of businesses can’t function without the use of computers.  However, one of the largest growing trends today is the use of smart phones.  If you walk into any location where people congregate, you will see people using their mobile devices.  Most Americans in this day and age have smart phones that they use to browse the internet and engage in social media.  Using the internet from the computer or a mobile device can provide very different experiences.

Ever since the World Wide Web was established, advertisers have taken advantage of placing ads online.  Therefore, a myriad of businesses promote their products and services online.  However, mobile advertising is the new frontier and many businesses have not yet utilized this hot marketplace.  With the current popularity of iPhones and Androids, it’s crucial for businesses to create mobile ads.  Many advertising experts today believe that mobile ads are now the most important type of ad for businesses to produce.

If your business doesn’t put mobile ads out there, you will be missing out on a huge demographic.  Businesses need to keep up with the modern world we live in.  Strong online marketing campaigns need to hit the mobile market in order to make a big impact.  As the use of smart phones become more and more commonplace, mobile marketing will undoubtedly become the most important element in display advertising.

Author bio: Guest post is provided by the president and co-founder of engage:BDR, Ted Dhanik.  Dhanik’s company serves advertisers and helps them come up with cutting edge marketing strategies.  Ted Dhanik has over fifteen years of experience in marketing, business sales, and business development.  Ted Dhanik has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to banner and display advertising.

Ted Dhanik: CEO of engage: BDR

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Ted Dhanik is CEO of engage: BDR, an integrated-media advertising company launched in 2007. As president and co-founder of the company, Dhanik manages sales and business development, strategic marketing, client relationship management, and content acquisition, heading a skilled team of online media experts. The company is located in West Hollywood, California. With the leadership of Dhanik and co-founder Kurtis Rintala, engage: BDR is dedicated to developing advanced solutions for the online media industry. Engage: BDR boasts over 2,500 direct publisher relationship, 417 million visits her months, and billions of impressions served each month.

Dhanik served as vice president of strategic marketing for from 2003 to 2008. During his tenure, he worked closely with the company owners to launch the brand in all major markets. He accomplished this major goal by creating an integrated on- and off-line marketing strategy. During his five years at MySpace, Dhanik was also responsible for developing, producing, and acquiring content and promotion strategies.  In addition, he developed several brands for the company, including the MySpace Celebrity brand.

Before joining, Dhanik worked for for five years. While at, Dhanik worked in the business development department. His duties included creating and launching the firm’s home equity product. He helped grow the poorest performing product, growing it from a $2 million a year product to more than $50 million in the first year alone.

Prior to, Dhanik served as head of business development for Under his leadership at, Dhanik was able to scale the company’s tech and non-tech lead generation programs. Before joining, Dhanik worked for Xoriant Corporation and was the director of sales for Atesto Technologies.

In addition to his role as president and CEO of engage: BDR, Dhanik sits on the boards of Fighter, LottoGopher, and Schizo Pictures. Dhanik is also an advisor to Los Angeles startup Start Engine.

If you would like to learn more about Ted Dhanik or engage: BDR, please visit:

Ted Dhanik is Bringing Advanced Technology to Digital Marketers

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Ted Dhanik is the co-founder and president of engage: BDR, a media advertising company that combines display, video, and branded entertainment into a single network. According to the company website, engage: BDR is one of the first online media companies with marketing solutions tailored for direct response and performance marketers, offering everything from the first RTB self-serve display platform to a full-service digital production studio.

Dhanik went to California State University, Hayward and graduated with a degree in Business Administration and Marketing. After graduating, he worked in sales for a few years until he landed the role of director of business development at Xoriant Corporation. While there, Dhanik sold partnerships and alliances and was responsible for implementing professional services as well as developing custom applications.

After Xoriant, Dhanik was hired at, where he worked on scaling the firm’s tech and non-tech lead generation programs. Dhanik also helped launch the company’s customer lending home and finance lead business.

After, he went on to work for, where he helped develop and launch the company’s home equity product. He was also responsible for making and managing relationships with large partners, as well as scaling the company’s poorest performing product.

In 2003, Dhanik started working at, where he was responsible for launching the brand in all major markets. To accomplish this task, Dhanik developed an integrated on- and off-line marketing strategy. Also at, Dhanik developed the MySpace Celebrity concept as well as many other products.

After five years at MySpace, Dhanik decided to launch his own company with co-founder Kurtis Rintala. Through engage: BDR, Dhanik gets to offer advertisers the latest marketing solutions, advanced technology, and custom programming.  At engage: BDR, Dhanik oversees strategic marketing, sales and business development, client relationship management, and content acquisition. To learn more about engage: BDR or Ted Dhanik, please see the following links: