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The Convenience of EDI Mapping for Businesses

September 9, 2020 by · Leave a Comment 

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EDI or electronic data interchange has provided a variety of benefits for businesses, particularly in the digital age. Tedious, but essential data entry tasks have been made effortless through EDI software. The introduction of EDI mapping is one example of how new technology solutions have streamlined some of these processes.

Through EDI mapping, you’ll forgo the intricate task of rewriting one form of data into another. Instead, EDI mapping providers can translate EDI data into different formats accurately and conveniently. Through EDI mapping, your data can be easily mapped into formats such as Excel documents and XML. Data can be translated into a form your business partners can receive and read. In the business world, different companies follow a set of common data standards, so EDI can easily be made compatible with the most common formats used in industries such as retail.

Outsourcing EDI mapping to software or an EDI provider will help you save time and resources that can be better spent tending to other aspects of your business. As long as you have a provider that can tailor-fit their solutions to your specific needs and data, you can make the most of EDI mapping today.

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