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Mission Critical Environments and the Modern Infrastructure

Summary: Today’s mission critical environments are taking steps towards new activity. Today’s modern business relies on real-time interaction between customers and suppliers. Technology has become the lifeline of digital workflow. The infrastructure for these systems must be able to systematically process all data related to the business at lightning speed. However, many businesses have failed... [Read more]

Data center cooling best practices

8Data center cooling and temperature management standards changed recently that set the recommended maximum temperature at 24 degrees. By increasing the maximum temperature for a data center, operators are now free to use a wider range of cooling systems. Here is a high-level look at some data center best practices Baselines Take stock of the total load in kilowatts of equipment in the data center.... [Read more]

Three ways to improve the usability of an e-commerce store

Written by Secure Net Shop With hundreds of thousands of stores online, e-commerce is an extremely competitive space. A rival’s web store is just a click away and online shoppers are extremely fickle. When a customer encounters something that they find annoying, they just close the tab and move to another store. This is why it does not matter if your prices are low or the products are the best. When... [Read more]

A Brief Look At Magnetron Sputter Deposition

Magnetron sputter deposition is an important PVD application in today’s biotech world. Magnetron sputter deposition is a PVD process in which plasma is formed and positively charged ions and molecules from that plasma are then accelerated into an electrical field that is composed of numerous negatively charged electrodes known as targets. The positive ions are essentially accelerated by a variety... [Read more]

What to look for in an android app developer

The background of an ideal Android app developer An ideal freelance employee in Android app development has at least several years of experience with development projects of varied size. Required backgrounds are software engineering and C+ programming. Many excellent Android app developers are also freelancers in additional fields, like computer technology, web development, games, hardware and software... [Read more]

How to Get Started in the I.T. Field

Becoming an I.T. professional is achievable by anyone that puts their mind to it. If you’re pursuing a career in the Information Technology (IT) field, then there are numerous opportunities that are awaiting you. Here are some suggestions that will help you get your feet wet within the industry. To become an I.T. professional, you have to hang out with the I.T. professionals. Don’t be shy to converse... [Read more]

The Advantages of Using Advanced Time Clocks

Article written by Stork Aerospace, Aerospace news and articles If you are unsatisfied with your old time clock, consider upgrading to a biometric time clock. Small businesses and companies require a designated hub for an employee to clock in at. If you’re left with numerous options at time clocks, consider the amount of money that you would want returned to you when it comes to paying out your employees.... [Read more]

How to Accommodate Your Online Customers

Written by Secure Net Shop There was once a time when people would say the most important part of running a successful business was “location, location, location.” That remained true up until the moment online businesses became possible. Then it was more about attracting customers to your website. And for a long time, this was good enough too. However, that’s just not the case anymore. Nowadays,... [Read more]

This Specially Designed Robotic Arm will Someday Revolutionize Healthcare

Article written by Sci-Tech Expert, everything gadgets and technology Those with debilitating injuries may have new hope in the coming future. The impact that technology has had on the medical industry is staggering. We’re closer than ever to curing life-threatening diseases and treating symptoms faster than ever before. We can diagnose with greater precision, and we’re beginning to experiment... [Read more]

The Life and Pardoning of Alan Turing

By Samuel Phineas Upham In 2013, Allan Turing came to the forefront of culture when Queen Elisabeth II granted him a royal pardon for the crime of being a homosexual. Turing, in his short life of 41 years, became the father of theoretical computing and one of the founding minds behind the idea of artificial intelligence. Turing worked with the Government Code and Cypher School during World War II.... [Read more]

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